Welcome.  This website features the work of Chris Meyer.  The books and essays you’ll find here (except for the children’s book) are intended to spark controversy, and in turn, discussion.   Every topic is one that touches life; the way we think, what we believe, how we behave and how we construct our relationships.

These works have been written to evoke thought and to challenge the status quo.  Life is a journey that requires participation.  Too many spend too much time on the sidelines doing little more than getting by, following others, or believing what everyone else professes.  But those who think for themselves, who test tradition, who challenge the status quo and who seek truth are the ones who really know life.  These are the ones who really attain what life has to offer: knowledge, wisdom and awe.

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Are We Being Deceived? has been condensed into a video series. Each session offers the basic information that is discussed in greater detail in the book.




Political, Social, and Religious Perspectives

Concerning Abortion
The Disappearence of Journalism
The Freedom To Hate
A White Man Seeks Understanding
Equal Pay for Equal Work
Ineffective Protests
A Call to Arms (Terrorism)
One Tin Soldier (Tearing Down Historical Icons)
It's About More Than Cake (The Baker and the gays)
Another One Bites the Dust (Sexual Harassment)
Who's In Control?
The Need to Believe (David Koresh)
Manifesto of a Religious Man
Concerning Racism
Could Be The News: The President's Fart
State of the Union - America's Looking Good

Short Stories

Life At Crystal Beach

Episode 1: Life in Crystal Beach
Episode 2: A Fish Tale
Episode 3: A Tale of Eternity
Episode 4: You Never Know What You'll Find at the Beach
Episode 5: A Bartender's Revenge
Episode 6: The Man in the Gray Hoodie
Episode 7: A Most Unusual Christmas
Episode 8: The Mysterious Lantern
Episode 9: Becoming a Hero