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Abortion: The Desecration of Humanity

So it is that when we hear that a child has been abused by its parents and the CPS has been called in to investigate we are appalled by the action of the parents.  When we are made aware that a child has gone missing and it is suspected that it has been abducted, that members of the community are scouring the area in hopes of finding the missing child, we are hopeful that the child is found and we pray for its safe return.  Meanwhile, in clinics around the world, silently and unknown to most of us, unborn infants are being murdered.

“According to WHO (World Health Organization), every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day… In the USA, where nearly half of pregnancies are unintended and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion, there are over 3,000 abortions per day.” (

In ancient times it was thought that a fetus was a plant-like entity and did not become a human until it began to breath on its own.  Today, with our knowledge of fetal development that concept seems ludicrous and yet there are those who continue to debate at what stage of development a child is actually considered to have life. The fact is that once the sperm and egg have become a zygote, it already has the 23 chromosomes from the sperm and the 23 chromosomes of the egg; chromosomes containing all the information needed to determine the genetic structure of the newly developing human. This process takes about 24 hours (Pregnancy and Birth" authors: Dr. Karina Reynolds, Dr. Christoph Lees, Grainne McCartan). (Med Health Daily). The debate concerning the point at which life begins is, in my opinion, no more than a diversion intended to distract us from the real issue, that of the needless and horrendous act of killing a developing human being.

So where is the line drawn? When is killing a child legal and when does it become illegal? A child at two weeks old isn’t much more coherent than when it is only days from being born so why is it illegal to kill an infant after birth? Maybe it’s not. Some states are now considering making it legal to kill an infant after conception. If that becomes acceptable, why not wait a few months to see if the child is going to be a good baby, or if the parents can adjust to having a child. If not, kill the baby then, after having a trial run.  After all, what’s the difference between an hour after conception and several months? Is time the determining factor? If so, at what hour is a child safe?

The reasons or justifications for abortion fall into two categories: External Causes and Personal Reasons.  External Causes include medical concerns, incest and rape. Pregnancies that are the result of these causes, or are impacted by medial issues are beyond the control of the victim.  The reasons for making a decision to abort a pregnancy under these conditions are complex and abortions can be rightly justified. However, in category 2, Personal Reasons, there are significantly fewer valid justifications for making a decision to terminate a pregnancy. The latter category includes those pregnancies that are the result of a conscious decision to participate in a sexual relationship by the one who becomes pregnant. The natural consequence of participating in sexual intercourse is reproduction.  We might have forgotten that today since we have chosen to use intercourse as a casual social activity that has been labeled, casual sex.  However, we must be cognizant of its original purpose and function and understand that it remains the probable result of participating in such an activity in spite of taking precautions to preclude such a result.
So, when an unwanted pregnancy occurs under category 2 what are the reasons for wanting to terminate the pregnancy? One is inconvenience.  Maybe the pregnancy will cause schedule conflicts.  Perhaps the pregnant person isn’t ready to have a family; it might cause financial hardships.  It might affect other relationships.  It might require a modification in career objectives.  All of these reasons are a matter of inconvenience.

Another reason is embarrassment.  It might embarrass the family or cause embarrassment with peers to deliver a child out of wedlock. These seem to be the logical and obvious reasons for pregnancy termination; and if they are an acceptable defense for abortion, then the question becomes, are inconvenience and embarrassment sufficient grounds for taking a human life?  Are we allowed to use those motives as just causes for killing another human being?  The indisputable answer is no.  So why do they constitute a just cause for taking the life of a developing, living human? In fact, killing for those reasons in any other situation would be considered murder.  And so it is.

And what about the father of the child? It takes two individuals to make a child (sperm and egg). So does the father have any voice or share of responsibility in this matter of abortion? A BBC report on father’s rights stated:

“American courts have consistently decided that a woman's right to an abortion can't be vetoed by a husband, partner or ex-boyfriend, and also that a woman doesn't have to notify the father that she intends to have an abortion.” (

However, if a child is conceived, the father is held responsible and is financially liable for supporting the child and the mother. Is there an irony here; perhaps an obvious injustice?

The cry of pro-abortionists is that a woman should have the right to do whatever she wants with her body.  Of course, that is not the case. No one is free to do whatever they choose with their body.  A woman can’t charge a fee for having sex. That’s called prostitution.  It’s against the law for man to solicit sex for money.  I can’t legally ride in an automobile without wearing a seat belt even though it’s my body and I should be able to risk being thrown through the windshield if I choose to.  In most states motorcyclists are required to wear helmets even though they might choose to scatter their brains along the highway.  But here’s the most profound example: if a person is diagnosed with a painful terminal disease or Alzheimer’s, and that person desires to end life with dignity and avoid the agony of the disease, and save their family from enduring the cost and sorrow of watching them die a slow and humiliating death, even though that victim is of sound mind and is an intelligent decision-maker, they cannot choose euthanasia. They cannot choose to end life. It is against the law.  Even though it is their body and they should have the freedom to choose to do so, they cannot. Nevertheless, a woman can choose to murder an infant who doesn’t have the ability to defend itself or make a decision concerning its own future. No, we do not have the right or freedom to do whatever we want with our body and to claim otherwise is a display of ignorance.

Finally, the United States Declaration of Independence guarantees every individual certain rights:
“We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness; ...”
Abortion robs an individual of these inalienable rights that are promised to ALL Americans
The next time there is a protest for the “Me Too” movement it would be interesting for someone to show up with a sign that displayed those words but also showed the image of an unborn child. Because these are the forgotten, viciously abused humans.  Theirs are the silent screams that go unheard, suppressed by the voices of selfishness and irresponsibility. Rape and sexual assault are weightless compared to the heinous act of infant murder.

When did killing an infant become part of our moral code? Is there a moral standard in America at all today or has morality become an irrelevant concept of the past?  When we decide that a life, any life, but especially an innocent life or developing life of our own species is not worthy of life, then we have begun an irreversible decent into barbarism and incivility. When we observe America today and we see the devaluation of life, disrespect for authority, ignorance among elected leaders, racism originating from all ethnic factions, and the total disregard for the laws of our land, we must be concerned about the future of America.  After thousands of years of human existence we remain barbarians.  We still kill in the name of God, we still make war driven by the desire for power and property, we still hate our neighbors because of the color of their skin or their ethnicity and, now, we legally slaughter our children.  We are no more civilized than our ancestors who lived 4,000 years ago. If our present condition is any indication of the evolution of humanity, the future looks bleak.

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