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Where Have All of the Adults Gone?

Children. One of the definitions of the word “children” provided by Webster is: an immature or irresponsible person.  After the last 12 months of watching and listening to our administrative leadership in this country, I can confidently say that our country is being lead by children! Not only Americans, but the entire world must be observing our present political environment and wondering where have all of the adults gone? Now I realize that the Democrats out there are thinking that I’m talking about our President and the Republicans are thinking that I’m talking about the Democrats.  The fact is, I’m talking about both. Politics was never meant to be a personality contest and the two-party system was never meant to stop progress or stifle those programs that were meant to benefit or safeguard Americans. Conflicts were meant to be settled by determining, without party prejudice, what was best for the majority of Americans and not what conformed to a particular party’s preference based on the childish “I’m right and you’re wrong and there is no compromise” mentality.  Also, decisions should not be made on the basis of getting reelected or securing a certain position in Congress. The men and women who sit in the House and Senate were elected by us and they work for us. We are not to be held captive by our employees.  We the people are the decision-makers. The men and women in Washington are no more than our voices, our representatives.  At this point, I’m frustrated beyond words at the actions and inactions of these children.  When there are major issues at stake, responsible leaders don’t go home or on vacation until there is resolution.  During this unnecessary government shutdown, I’d withhold the salaries of everyone who left Washington. In fact, if I had employees who acted like many of these “leaders” are acting, I’d fire them! Maybe that’s a solution. Perhaps we should form another entity, a small 10 person group whose job it is to monitor the performance of the members of Congress and report back to the American people who have the authority to fire those who are not doing their job.  I’m convinced that at least 50% of Americans sitting in their homes today could do a better job than those who are presently in positions of “leadership”.  This situation is embarrassing, demoralizing and shameful, and we need to let these children––all of them––know it! I can guarantee you this: at the next election, I’m voting for adults!


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