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High Expectations

The musical philosopher, Bob Dylan, was right on when he sang, The Times They are a Changin’.  We are an ever-changing world; a society forced to adjust to innovation, attitudes and trends.  But there has never been an innovation that has impacted the way we think and behave more than that of social media. It has completely altered the way we interact with others.  Today in a matter of seconds hundreds of people can know what we had for lunch. They can know where we went on vacation. They can be updated on the latest gossip.  Through social media we are inundated with fake news stories that threaten to influence the way we think and act. Being bombarded daily with so much information on so many issues, both trivial and significant, we have, perhaps, lost the ability to focus on what is truly important. In former years what was easily hidden is now unconscientiously revealed without regard for what impact it might have on others.  This new form of communication has greatly affected how we set our priorities. And, sadly, it has become a mirror of who we are as a society, and that revealed image is a disturbing one. It is the image of a society that cares more about personality than progress. There are those who will vote for the most attractive candidate, or the best orator or the best dressed.  But the fact is, the presidency is not a Miss America pageant!

We currently have a President who was elected on a platform of change.  In one year of his administration we have witnessed some of that change.  Unemployment is at an all-time low, tax laws have been rewritten, the stock market is bullish, and companies are bringing their businesses back to America.  Some will attribute these positive indicators to the previous administration but the fact is that they have occurred under the present administration and this administration must be given credit for the current state of affairs. Like it or not, we have a President who is fighting for America.

What exactly do we want in a President?  Do we expect to find a Jesus-character?  Someone who is without sin and sits at the right hand of God?  I certain don’t.  He’d give everything away, pardon everyone and turn the other cheek until we were slaves to every little country in the world! Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass about a candidate’s personal life.  I don’t care if they are get oral sex from an intern, have intercourse with a hundred consenting people, smoke heavily or drink alcohol obsessively. After all, we have had presidents who have been guilty of all of those things, we just didn’t know about it until years later. I don’t care if the President is not eloquent.  Most of us aren’t.  I don’t care if he let a vulgar word slip every now and then. Most of us do. After all, morality and vulgarity are matters of subjectivity.  There is no universal standard for either.  No one should be held to OUR moral standards.  The President should not be expected to be a moral example. That is not his job or it should not be the reason why he was elected. We could have the most saintly President there is and yet find our country in an economic dumpster. We could have a morally pure President and find our country being taken to the cleaners by every other nation in the world. Is there a person somewhere in America who meets our high expectations of morality, intelligence and leadership?  Probably not. When it comes to politics, nice guys finish last. So what’s more important? Eloquence? Morality? Attractiveness? Or is it someone who will work to make America strong? So what if our President isn’t eloquent?  So what if he might be impulsive and say the wrong thing at the wrong time?  He’s human and humans make mistakes. Has he caused disunity?  Sure he has. Disunity always comes with change.  The greatest leaders throughout history have caused disunity – even Jesus.  As a country, it is essential that we move beyond appearance and personality and focus on what’s best for America; not what’s best for US, but for ALL Americans. I don’t want a pansy or a pawn. I want someone with conviction and a backbone. What I’m looking for in a President is someone who will try their best to strengthen our economy, build our infrastructure and protect our rights. Their personal life is their own problem.





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