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Manifesto of a Religious Man

I am a religious man and I hereby proclaim my manifesto to the world.

I am religious and I will not be moved. I am a committed member of my “faith” and I will not be dissuaded or diverted or distracted from my religious objective. We are the favored.

I am resolutely founded in my “faith” and I will not be enticed, coaxed or convinced that my religion is anything but the absolute truth. Do not attempt to employ logic or commonsense as weapons against me because my faith is strong and it will not be defeated. Neither height nor depth or principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come can separate me from my faith. We are the appointed.

Do not attempt to argue or convince me that my religion is false because I will close my ears. Do not try to show me that my religion is inconsistent or contradictory because I will close my mind to your attacks. I am resolute. This is my truth and there is no truth but this and I will stand by it and proclaim it to be the truth even in the face of science and reason for these are not as powerful as faith, especially a faith that is supported by tradition. We are the steadfast.

What I believe, I believe unconditionally. I am not narrow-minded, I am closed-minded and I will never surrender my faith. We are the unshakable.

I, and those like me, will change the world. We have the power to impact all of humanity. We have done so throughout history. Through Christianity we have shown our power through the Crusades and the Inquisition. Those who were sacrificed were sacrificed for the sake of the Church. The Church is an overwhelming power. It is a microcosm of the world and what the world should be and what the world will eventually become. Praise be to God. We are the resolved.

Through Islam we are making our presence known and our power felt through terrorism. It matters little that we must slaughter women and children, decimate cities and crush neighborhoods to reach our objective. This is what must be done. This is our calling. Praise be to Allah. We are the elect.

We are the religious and we are right. Our God has called us to this mission: to convert the world’s population to our religion. We will be successful even if civilization must be destroyed in the process. We are the chosen.

We alone possess the way to God and salvation. Praise be to Mohammad. We are the favored.

There is one way to the Father and that’s through the Son. Lift high the cross. Praise be to Jesus. We are the select.

We are the ones who love and we will not tolerate any other religion but our own, for we are right; we have the truth. We are the righteous.

I am a religious man. Ignorance is my bedfellow and faith is my closest friend and I will sacrifice whatever it takes to fulfill my mission, because that’s what it means to be religious.



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