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REBIRTH - A Vision

I had spent the day like any other. Night came and I had gone to bed. Some period of time passed when in my slumber I experienced a sudden, brilliant flash of light.  It didn’t linger, it went as quickly as it came but in its absence there was no darkness.  It left a sort of ambience, not really an atmosphere of light or darkness, but more of a sensation of light.  And then it seemed that I was moving, or at least I had the sensation of movement even though there was nothing around me to move through or past. I became aware that I had no hands or feet, no body at all. And I thought, how will I touch or grab things?  But then I realized that there was nothing to touch. I was submerged in empty space, a sort of vacuum, and yet, I didn’t feel like I was alone; on the contrary, I had a sense that I was surrounded by things or bodies that I could not see, only perceive; the same sensation that one might experience if standing in a room filled with friends and family, but with eyes closed so that no one was visible.

There was no wind or breeze of any kind.  I wasn’t breathing, but then there was no need to. I felt at ease. I was conscious of being and yet I had none of the sensations that I had previously experienced in my life: I felt no hate, nor love; no pain, but also no joy. There were no emotions at all that I had known before, only consciousness, awareness.  As I became more accustomed to the state of my being, I noticed that a kind of music filled the air, but it wasn’t music played by instruments and it had no melody or tune.  It simply was.  It wasn’t that I was hearing it, I merely had an awareness of the music. 

I realized that I was no longer of the world or in the world that I had known. But I was not afraid. Nothing was the same except for me. I was conscious of the fact that I was. I existed and wherever I was, it was me that was there---minus all physicality.

Then, visions began to appear, not that I saw them, I just became aware of them.  The visions were like memories of my life being played out, like a vivid movie of everything that I had experienced, and yet I had no feelings, physical, emotional or psychological, regarding what was playing out before me.  There was only understanding.  I envisioned the many decisions that I had made that resulted in negative consequences for myself or those around me, as well as those decisions that had positive ramifications.  I was shown how far reaching the consequences of my decisions were and the many people that were affected, even those whom I did not know or realize were impacted by my actions or words. But, once again, I felt no remorse for the bad things nor pride for the good things.  I only understood that they were either good or bad. And by understanding why and how I had made such decisions, I became profoundly aware of how to make decisions properly and the destructiveness of making them improperly. As soon as I was shown a particular scene or event in my life and I understood its impact, it was gone; moments both good and bad were completely erased. I had no memory of them again. This went on and on, graphically rerunning my entire life. I’m not aware of how long this process continued because time, itself, did not exist. There was only the present, the moment at hand.  Although I no longer held the memories of my life, I somehow remembered the lessons that I had learned from the experiences that I had been shown. I had a better understanding of life, a knowledge that enhanced my existence.  And finally, the last of the playback, that moment at night when I had laid down to sleep; the moment that physical life had passed from me.

Then, I became aware that the music had changed.  I was at peace--- not that I felt at peace, but I was at peace. And there I stayed. 

After some period, a darkness began to envelop my surroundings.  It came as slowly as sunset darkens the day.  But I was not afraid. Before long, I was submerged in total blackness. And then, suddenly, the darkness was replaced by another blazing light similar to the one at the beginning of my journey. And as the light became more intense, I became less and less aware of my existence. My consciousness seemed to be melting away, not actually leaving, but quickly diminishing.  And then, it was gone.

In a hospital somewhere in the physical world, a mother gave birth to a baby boy. At that moment, unaware of his existence, unaware of the knowledge and personality that awaits his discovery, he enters the world. The lessons that he had experienced in the spirit, now deeply implanted in his unconscious, will serve him as intuition and wisdom as he---as I begin a new life that will take me to the next level of my evolutionary development; moving closer and closer to perfection.


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