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Political and Social

Abortion: The Desecration of Humanity
The Disappearence of Journalism
The Freedom To Hate
A White Man Seeks Understanding
Equal Pay for Equal Work
Ineffective Protests
A Call to Arms (Terrorism)
One Tin Soldier (Tearing Down Historical Icons)
It's About More Than Cake (The Baker and the gays)
Another One Bites the Dust (Sexual Harassment)
Who's In Control?
The Need to Believe (David Koresh)
Manifesto of a Religious Man
Concerning Racism
Could Be The News: The President's Fart
Where Have All the Adults Gone?
State of the Union
Emotion Gone Awry
High Expectations
The Disintegration of Individualism
The Evolution of Democracy
The Problem is the Solution




Are We Being Deceived?
(Read online)

Manifesto of a Religious Man