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Concerning Immigration and Terrorism

Immigration is a highly emotionally charged issue.  And while there are many arguments in favor of a relaxed immigration policy there are as many in opposition to such a lenient directive.  However, in this disquisition I would like to set this issue aside and draw attention to the fundamental cause of the immigration debacle.  Most of the people who are attempting to immigrate to this country and other countries at this time in history don’t really want to immigrate at all.  What most of them want is to go back home. For the vast majority of us, home is where we grew up, where we went to school, made friends, and had experiences that became happy memories. It’s where we raised our children and built our dreams.  It’s a place of familiar customs.  It’s comfortable and provides us with security.  We might say that we want to welcome these people into our country because we empathize with them.  But in reality the vast majority of us cannot empathize, we an only sympathize.  Who of us have been forced out of our homes fearing for our lives and the lives of our children? Who of us have watched as our homes have been turned into rubble and our cities devastated and left in ruins?  Who of us have witnessed our plans and dreams vanish in a barrage of bullets and bombs?  These refugees are not here because they choose to be, they are here because they have no choice. 

Finding a place for these who have arrived is not the solution.  More will come. The immigration dilemma will become increasingly difficult and cause additional disunity within our country and other countries around the world.  The real solution to the immigration problem is to help provide a safe environment in their own country so they can go back home.

Whether we like it or not, we have become a global community.  At no other time in history have we lived in such an environment where an occurrence in one part of the world so drastically affects the rest.  On one hand we have achieved more technologically and scientifically in less time then virtually any previous generation or civilization. And yet, on the other hand, we are struggling with barbarism that is reminiscent of an ancient age when ignorant men hurled boulders and flung spears at each other.  So we find ourselves in the age of knowledge struggling with a type of ignorance that has created a perplexing situation: how does one reason with those who don’t understand reason? This predicament wouldn’t be cause for alarm if the ignorant faction were small and secluded from the rest of society.  But it’s not.  Fueled by hatred of freedom, resistant to progress, hostile to knowledge and adverse to tolerance, this irresponsible mob of militants, now called Islam Extremists, now threatens, not just a single country or a specific geographic area, but the entire world.  We have watched as women have been raped, children slaughtered and men burned in cages and beheaded.  We have witnessed as thousands of families have been driven from their homes and forced to seek asylum in other countries; actions that don’t just speak of cruelty but provide us with an explicit image of the deranged and inexplicable inhumane, sadistic and perverse character of this ruthless mob; actions that should not and must not be allowed to continue in a civilized world.

These blindly ignorant parasites follow an ideology that has been twisted to condone and even command this despicable behavior. They proclaim that they are acting in the name of their God. But that’s a lie.  Not even the Koran condones raping and killing children.  Even the Koran teaches that a Muslim should not kill another Muslim. But none of these things matter to this savage gang of hoodlums.  In fact, many of their recruits know nothing of the Islamic ideology. They are simply angry, ignorant men who would rather kill than work; who have been indoctrinated by blind barbaric religious and political leaders and are seeking to play out their fantasies in real life and share in the publicity. They are the ignorant herd that mindlessly follows the orders and lies promulgated by leaders who seek to destroy freedom. They kill without concern for who they kill. They destroy homes and cities.  They desecrate religious sites and leave once honored and respected shrines in rubble. Theirs is not a conquest for land or political power, although they might use that as an excuse. Their quest is simply to destroy and kill. Their quest is the domination of the world or the destruction of humanity – and they couldn’t care less which.  If these barbarians are allowed to be successful, the freedoms for which people in every country have fought will vanish, life as we know it will cease to exist, civil rights will disappear and the global community will be forced to live in a world of oppression that has not been experienced in hundred’s of years.

It would be great if we could simply sit down, diplomatically, with the leaders of this faction and talk intelligently about how to resolve their issues.  But this is not a group that accepts logic.  For even their ideology, if there is one, is illogical. Their faith supersedes reason.  Talk is meaningless and futile. Sometimes, in the course of human history, humane, civilized people are forced to act uncivilized for the sake of the survival of civilization. It is that time. We cannot afford to be apathetic or indifferent thinking this will pass.  It will not.
In the past, obsessed with political correctness and swayed by minority opinion, politicians and government leaders have been ineffective. On December 7, 1941 the Japanese attacked the American Naval Fleet in Hawaii. 2,403 were killed and 1,178 were wounded. On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked the World Trade Center killing 2,996 and injuring 6,000. In 1941 we didn't pledge to go after the pilots of the aircraft that attacked our ships. America declared war on those who threatened our freedom. After 2001, where more were killed and wounded then in 1941, those who threaten our country are still allowed to continue their war on freedom. It is now time for us to move forward. It is the time for action.  We must disregard those who would attempt to persuade us that war is wrong.  History tells us that there are times when it is necessary. It is that season. The time for negotiations and sanctions has past. We must stand together as a unified, global people. We must make our voices heard. This is a call to every civilized man and woman. We, the global community, are responsible for the health and welfare of civilization and the survival of humanity. We must face the reality and truth of the situation: the only solution to the immigration problem and terrorism; the only hope for security and freedom is the annihilation, the complete and utter destruction of this barbaric faction.  It must be the goal of every nation.


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